King Crimson 2019 Europe Tour

Stuttgart Shows

Good to be back in Stuttgart, and playing the same venue, the BeethovenSaal, that Crimson played back in 2016.

In fact, my pictures of the city were pretty good on that tour, and rather than try to top them this time, I’m just putting a link to that road diary entry!… Crimson in Stuttgart 2016

We’re playing two nights, but rather than combine the pictures, here are the ones from Saturday’s show…

Backstage, Michele is repairing a little device he’s made, that enables me to quickly change between settings on my Kemper amp profiler, without needing a foot pedal. (More on that later, for those few who care about that stuff!)

Going on
(The panorama at pagetop is also from this show.)

Very nice show.

Next day, Sunday, we’re back, soundchecking for tonight’s show.

and, some new items on tonight's menu:

The device Michele fixed is back in place atop my keyboard

and here’s a look at my whole rig…

I keep tweaking the setup for Crimson’s tours, but basically it’s this: the bass goes through whichever footpedals I use on a piece, then the signal’s split, half going through a Kemper amp profiler. The dry part of the signal can stay dry, to be mixed with the amped sound, or, with a volume pedal I can feed any amount of it into another Kemper, with various distorted amp sounds. So, simply put, it’s variably bi-amped. (Whew, thanks for reading through all of that!)

Show went even better, I thought.

Another reminder, (last time for this tour) you can click on any picture to go to a larger version. Alas, in my fledgling attempts at panoramas, that will reveal some major flaws, like in the picture above, Gavin got morphed with a keyboard!

Anyway, tomorrow we’ll travel to London for the upcoming 3 nights at the Royal Albert Hall.

More soon.