New Photo Book

Book Cover

With the extra free time this past year, my dream of a coffee table size book of photos from all the years on the road is now done and at the printers - we expect it soon.

The book presents a view unlike any other of what it’s like on the road, with King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Stick Men, Paul Simon, Peter Frampton, L’Image, and others.

It’s “Coffee Table” size - 12” x 9”, soft cover, with 240 pages of color and b&w photos including about 80 players as well as scenes from our travels.

They’re presented not as a history or a journal of tours, but as a journey itself - a visit to life on the road, with chapters like; Travel, Backstage, Going On, Showtime, Bows, and I was sure to add an extensive ‘Index with Elaborations’ with stories behind some of the pictures.

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Here’s a small sampling from the book:

I’m happy to have the online sales handled by my friends at MoonJune Records - the link takes you to their website.

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p.s. I’ve made a video with a lot of photos from the book, accompanied by a new piece of mine. You might enjoy it:

Images / The Video