King Crimson 2019 Europe Tour

Frankfurt Shows

The tour is underway now, and we’re playing quite well, and very appreciative of the great sound in the Frankfurt venue, called Jarhunderthalle.

I’m going to combine shots from the two show days, but will distinguish between the audiences and the setlists.

From soundcheck at the first Frankfurt show: today's menu!

I took less pictures than usual, but think I got some really good ones.

Let me mention that the new piece the 3 drummers are playing, ‘Drumzilla’, is pretty spectacular - I’m captivated by it each night, as I’m sure the audiences are.

Things usually get fairly serious as we’re about to go onstage. These shows require a high degree of concentration.

Audience from the first show, June 12th

Show two, June 13th… lots is different than show one - here’s what we’ll play:

A sweet moment, and great way to end the two night stand; the young girl who’d been in the front row both nights got a drum stick from Gavin, and later a couple more from Pat

A very efficient venue: before we’d even left the side of stage, here come the local crew, entering to load out our gear.

I got a bit lucky with stitching the panorama picture that’s at the top of the page. It’s of the June 12th audience, and I’m going to post it again here, because this one you can click on once or twice to see a larger version.

More soon, from Stuttgart.