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Tony Levin
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Bassist Tony Levin has been sharing his road experiences here since 1996 (which sounds fairly recent, but in the Internet world, it isn’t. Even the terms weblog and blog were coined in 1997 and 1999.)

This new version of the site already has tons of road diaries, but you can still find the old stuff in the ‘Archives’ section.

We have over 400 archived tour pages on the site (with about 6,800 photos) and we’re happy to have had almost 5 million visits.

Latest News

On a short break from Stick Men tour legs - headed to Chile, Bolivia, Argentina next, then in February we’ll continue touring the U.S. with a West Coast leg. The booked shows are on my “Tour Dates” page.

Lots coming up later in 2023, but… not ready to publicize yet.

I’ve been paying more attention to my YouTube channel, and on the left of this page you’ll see a red button with arrow, that does a little dance, then links to my channel - some neat stuff there.

I haven’t done road diaries in a bit, simply because touring with Stick Men and Levin Brothers doesn’t leave me enough time each night to process the photos. But I’m going to get back to it on these next tour legs (and I’ll catch up on sleep in March!)

Older News

Images from a Life on the Road book cover

Images from a Life on the Road

Tony Levin’s New Photography Book

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Current Road Diary

Here are the latest blogs from King Crimson’s Japan Tour. Other recent tours are in the menu at the left, in “The Road Diary” — and all the rest of them are in the Archives.

Peter Gabriel I/O Tour U.S. Canada

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David Bowie The Next Day
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Kevin Parent Kanji
David Forman Project David Forman Project
Levin Minnemann Rudess From the Law Offices of
Murali Coryell Mr. Senator
Stick Men Prog Noir


Peter Gabriel Edition

Shock the Monkey 1983

Peter Gabriel Edition

Five prints of Tony’s photos of Peter Gabriel, signed by Tony.

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King Crimson Edition

King Crimson 1981

King Crimson Edition

Eight archive-quality, signed, numbered prints by Tony Levin.

Tony Levin Prints

Something New

Photos from the new book, accompanied by a new bass piece

Tony's Book video

The Video

A look at the heavens

ESO Observatory

Tony's Stars Video

His photos of the stars, taken at the ESO Observatory in Chile, with music he wrote to accompany them.

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Lazy Bones Recordings CD's

LMR (Levin Minnemann Rudess) cd’s, LTW (Levin Torn White) cd, and Tony’s Stick Man CD.

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