Crimson’s 51 show tour ended in Chile, in October - it was very special throughout, with many many memorable nights. Now it’s home for a bit (whew!) while working on some music and photographic things. Then some nice touring with the Levin Brothers jazz quartet in Dec. and January. Stick Men will hit our 2020 touring in February, and the tentative Crimson touring plan is for June and July. I’ll try to keep up to date with the “tour dates” section to the left (though I’ll admit I have a history of falling behind on it.)

King Crimson has been rehearsing awhile here in England, getting up and running for the June tour in Europe. Some additions to our setlist, of course, and, at least for me, some very tricky technical things to try to master. We’re also adding bits to some of the pieces we’ve been doing - and some of them are blazingly fast. So, aside from rehearsing, I’ll be spending the rest of the month at home practicing!