King Crimson has been rehearsing awhile here in England, getting up and running for the June tour in Europe. Some additions to our setlist, of course, and, at least for me, some very tricky technical things to try to master. We’re also adding bits to some of the pieces we’ve been doing - and some of them are blazingly fast. So, aside from rehearsing, I’ll be spending the rest of the month at home practicing!

Just heard that the Oct. 18th Stick Men show in Kiev has had to be cancelled. I haven’t been told why, but it’s sad - these last few years both Peter Gabriel’s and Stick Men’s Kiev shows fell through. Hopefully sometime in the near future I can get there again - great city. This current leg of the King Crimson tour is ending after tomorrow’s show in Hamburg. Then Stick Men will do our little tour (dates of all tours are in the Tour Dates section of this site) and then Crimson again, Italy, Spain, France and more. Back to my road diary… I have to update it with the Stockholm pictures.

Great stuff going on this week. Finishing up rehearsals for the Peter Gabriel / Sting tour, and we’re looking forward to the first show soon. The Road Diary has my latest from rehearsals. My new poetry book just came in from the printers (I’m autographing them here in my hotel room, then sending to BandWear for orders.) They can be pre-ordered now and will probably ship out to buyers by Thursday. The new Levin Minnemann Rudess new album is up for pre-ordering. We’ve been working on it for the last year, and have a lot of videos and extra tracks too - a link to that is on the right. More soon.

First, welcome to the new look of the website. Mostly the same elements as before, mainly my road diaries, but we’re bringing the ‘recently played on’ list more up to date, and have links to recent things I’ve released. A lot is coming up - the Peter Gabriel / Sting “Rock Paper Scissors” tour will have some interesting photos and diaries from behind the scenes. New CD releases coming from various sources. Our Summer music camp, Three of a Perfect Pair, hits in August and is always a fun experience to share. King Crimson will tour Europe in September through November, with a Stick Men tour squeezed into the October break. Ah, and, my humble book of poetry should be ready by mid June. More soon. (hey, I’m a poet!)

The first leg of Stick Men’s Prog Noir tour has finished, and it was quite exciting musically.

I took a little break from road diaries, because more tours are coming up, and also I expect to have a re-design of this site pretty soon.

Lots coming up, but excitingly, King Crimson have just added more dates to our Fall tour - including Italy, where we haven’t played in some time. They’re below, and I’ll update as things become confirmed. (And, yes, soon I’ll take down the Stick Men dates we’ve just finished!)

Been quiet on the site for awhile - this is a fertile writing / recording season with a few exciting projects going on.

Working in home studio now with Markus Reuter, the finishing stages of our new release to coincide with the Spring tour (those dates are listed below.)

There will be more Stick Men dates in May, and in Europe in October. And other tour dates for me, coming up soon.

p.s. well, those ‘other dates’ just came in this morning: the confirmed dates for the Sting/Peter Gabriel joint tour this Summer - they’re listed below.