Haikus of Spring

                              In the night a sound

                     the full moon suddenly pierced

                                by arrow of geese

                              Gnarled trunk, twisted branch

                                  at it’s end a scrawny leaf

                               drunk birch at spring’s door

                              The once biting wind

                           completes her winter lecture

                             a mouse sniffs the air

                              Gold tongued daffodils

                           laugh at the flickering snow

                             their spring tour begins

                              Sultry March evening

                      a breeze stirs distant wind chimes

                             dog’s ears come to life

                              Drum roll from drain spout

                             Slate sky adds it’s timpani

                                    April dances in

                              Old stone elephant

                     still standing in last Fall’s leaves

                           now bathed in green moss

                              Raucous sky as geese

                               debate the geometry

                               of their formation

                              Most neglected tree

                         in garden’s farthest corner

                            shocks me with blossoms

                              Forsythia mob

                    looks to take over the hood

                              Only I object