Haikus of Life

                              Go without thinking

                           the teacher softly advised

                             and my bass played me

                              Old leather journal

                           thirty five yellowed pages

                               contents infinite

                              Cafe’s precious warmth

                             steam and smell enveloping

                              but friendship more so

                              Wind loses it sting

                              as I emerge electric

                            from the sun splashed sea

                              One eye is cloudy

                          One eye has eagle vision

                          Which sees the real world?

                              Endings can be hard

                          inertia loves a straight line

                            life loves a curve ball

                              Spaghetti dancing

                            in pot of boiling water

                            wait, don’t overcook

                               Walnut box on desk

                   stained from year of sad touches

                                 ashes of my cat

                               Poets on each side

                              I sit gazing at river

                               yet words elude me

                               Only the four words

                             you have tested positive

                             life takes a sharp turn

                               On my morning walk

                             I step in every puddle

                              dog’s gift on my shoe

                               The once-green leaves burn

                              orange red and burnished gold

                               but my hair turns grey