Stick Men 2019 Summer Tour

Cleveland Show

Sunday took us to Cleveland, where we’re playing at the Beachland Ballroom, a venue we’ve been at quite a few times before.

Cleveland is a major rock town, and it’s always a good crowd here. In addition some of our Campers (from the summer music camp Pat and I do with Adrian Belew) show up to help us load in and out. Can’t get better than that!

But I didn’t get to take many photos, so this will be a pretty brief diary page, and maybe from here on I’ll combine two shows to each diary page.

Okay, that top picture of the marquee isn’t the way it really looks… I’ve shot pictures of it 6 or 7 times before, and was just trying to get a different look. Here’s the way it really is

Nice show, great audience.

Tomorrow we have our only day off of the tour. Well, a rock n roll day off… about 4 hours drive to Rochester, where we’ll play the following night. On our free night, the plan is to catch the new Tarantino film.

More soon.