Stick Men 2019 Summer Tour

Ardmore Show

Stick Men began our little Summer tour in Ardmore, PA, just outside Philadelphia.

First, a day of rehearsing…

Okay, on to the first show…

Yay, we have a new t-shirt design

The merch stand, with Leonardo, who made up the shirt, handles merch on the road with us, and is the guy who booked all our shows. What a great friend to have.

We relax a bit in a very nice dressing room… this is going to spoil us for the club dressing rooms coming up on the tour!

One difference between our Stick Men shows and the recent King Crimson ones: I can take pictures during the show!

Unusual to find a mirror just off stage… hey, there I am in the picture. Twice.

A great start to our tour. We’re doing mostly material we’ve done before, but with a shaken up approach to the set and presentation of some of the pieces. Also new pedalboards for Markus and me give us our hands full with juggling the new sounds.

We always have a wonderful audience in Philly

Our first time at this venue, hopefully we’ll be back

Coming up next, two nights in New York City.