Stick Men 2018 S. America Tour

Guatemala El Salvador and Costa Rica

Sept. 16 Itinerary:
Midnight: Hotel check out, load gear, van to airport.
3:35am: Fly La Paz to Bogota, Columbia. Arr. 6:17am - 7 hr layover in airport.
1:40pm - 4:00pm: Fly to Guatemala City, Load gear, van 30 min. to hotel.
Band dinner in Guatemala City.

Know what we call this kind of day on the road?

Living the dream!

Guatemala City… our first visit here. Though my hotel room was looking out at the airport, there was a very nice sunset beyond it.

The next day, soundcheck at a nice theater: Teatro Lux

Underneath the stage, where we did a meet and greet, the props for, I’m guessing, a production of Alice in Wonderland

We ask before each show to have the house lights brought up during the end bow, so I can get a photo of the audience. No help from the lighting director tonight, so, alas, this is the best shot I could get.

The next morning had us up and leaving at 5:30am. Seemed pretty civilized compared to midnight checkout!

Flew to San Salvador, where we’ve played before, and a nice treat for a band that’s been moving around a lot: the venue for tonight’s show is right at the hotel we’re staying at.

It's a nice relaxed atmosphere, with almost a lounge area infront of the other seating
But... doesn't the stage look a bit like a fish bowl?

The dressing room is also large and comfortable

Here’s what you get when your day starts at 5:30am

Going on...
Think there are some Crimson fans here?

Nice show (as all of them have been.) It’s really a treat to have David Cross playing violin and keyboard with us. We have only a few more shows with him as guest, then he’ll head home to England, while Stick Men have a few more shows in Texas.

A very reasonable 6am checkout has us travelling to Costa Rica for tonight’s show.

We’ve played at the Jazz Cafe before (though, ironically, I’ve never played here with a jazz group.)

A surprise; some of our wonderful Camper family is here to help out (and we did put them to work!)

The show
Talking Drum...

Once again the house lighting people couldn’t get light on the audience at the end of the show. But this time I’m ready, with flash!

It’s been a wonderful string of 3 shows in Central America. We’re tired from the travel, but tomorrow will fly to Mexico and then have a day off there before our next show.

More soon.