Stick Men 2018 S. America Tour

Argentina Uruguay and Chile

No visiting Buenos Aires without visiting El Cuartito for my favorite pizza on the planet!

Here’s Leonardo, our friend and booking agent, with Max, our local friend and tourguide, Markus too, and behind them, the waiter has photo bombed us! Who cares. Walls are covered with classic Argentine movie posters. Great food, great friends, a night off…

But there’s more to touring than pizza!

As usual on Stick Men tours, I don’t have time for many pictures, so I’m combining into one diary page the shows from Buenos Aires, Rosario, Mar del Plata, Montevideo, La Plata, Santiago and Lima!

As usual here in Buenos Aires, we’re playing at the ND Teatro, where we know the sound is good and the audience is great.

We enjoyed the young guitarists who were the opening act. They’re the first of the new post-Guitar Craft generation.

We’re starting all our shows with an improv piece, and beginning that with just Markus and David. (So you’ll see lots of photos of them from the wings of the stage, as Pat and I wait for the right moment to come out and join in.)

Always great to be back in Argentina, and in Buenos Aires.

Here’s a little from our show in Rosario.

Starting with a common sight at the roadside reststops in Argentina - a machine for hot water - they like to carry their mate tea here and need water refills.

Wish I had more pictures from these shows. But it’s on to Mar del Plata.

Next we flew to Montevideo, Uruguay. Played in La Trastienda, as we often do.

After sound check we headed out for dinner… and a small birthday celebration for Markus, with some Brazilian friends who’d flown in for it.

After Montevideo, it’s back to Argentina for our last show there.

Our Tucuman show had to be cancelled, but we were able to get a last minute booking in La Plata - at a venue called Teatro Metro, and a few people made it to the show.

A short flight to Santiago, Chile - the site of some wonderful shows we’ve had in the past.

This tour I’m trying out checking in the Stick on flights - usually I carry it onboard. One nice thing in S. American airports, you can have your case wrapped for the flight - sure makes it easy to find.

Okay, matching shoe colors was not something discussed before the tour!

Our next show was in Lima, Peru. It was a wonderful one, and in a beautiful theater - but, alas, I screwed up and left my camera charging in the hotel room, so very sadly, no pictures from that show.

Well, there was this one, from my cellphone:

More soon, with shows coming up in Bolivia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico and Texas.