Peter Gabriel / Sting 2016 Tour

Washington Show

Here in Washington DC for our show at the Verizon Center.

In the afternoon, a quick soundcheck

The crew is already great at setting things up perfectly for us.

And, as showtime comes close, they’re taking care of lots of things:

One of the coolest things to watch, close to showtime the follow spot operators climb their flimsy ladders, aided by those on the ground. It’s a common thing, with big productions like this, to wonder how they’re doing up there the whole show, unable to leave their flying seat.

At the show end, Peter usually makes a point with the audience to thank them and all the crew.

A few people have asked on FaceBook who the players are on the tour. I did list them all a few diary entries ago, but here they are again, with some photos.

Stings band is:

Jo Lawrie on vocals
Peter Tickell on violin
David Sancious on keyboards
Rahni Krija on percussion
Vinnie Colaiuta on drums
Dominic Miller on guitar

Peter Gabriel’s band is:

Jennie Abrahamson on vocals
Linnea Olsson on cello and vocals
Angie Pollock on keyboards and vocals
Ged Lynch on drums
David Rhodes on guitar and vocals

(and me on bass - no photos available!)

Okay, here are pictures from the Washington show

Tomorrow we play in Long Island’s Jones Beach amphitheater. More then.