Peter Gabriel / Sting 2016 Tour

Runthru in Columbus

Sting, PG singing

A few more rehearsals, and they included a runthru of the whole show on Sunday, for a very small audience of friends in the area.

DR, Dom, Sting
Sting from offstage

I’m not sure it’s obvious from the audience, but it’s been arranged that Peter’s band is all wearing some small element that’s read… as is our crew. And Sting’s band the same, with blue.

Here’s Dan with his stripe…

The runthru went well, but LOTS to improve on in the next day.

So, with another day before the real show… more rehearsing and production tweaking on Monday…

and trying out some songs that maybe we’ll use later in the tour

Well, it’s Tuesday evening now, we’re about to go onstage for show number one.. so I’ll step away from the computer (!) and go put on my boiler suit with the red stripe!

More tomorrow, from the actual show, in Columbus.