Peter Gabriel / Sting 2016 Tour

Quebec Show

Quebec’s Festival d’ete is a very special 10 days every Summer. I’ve played here before and on this same stage, at the Plains of Abraham, so it’s a thrill to be back here with the Gabriel / Sting tour.

But, wow, the weather presented some challenges!

Rain and high winds kept the crew unable to put the instruments and lights onstage until well after 6pm.

So, a bit of standing around waiting for a break in the weather

This is not how you want to spend your day, not only missing a chance to soundcheck, but wondering if the show will go on

Oh, and did I mention it was cold?

But the rain stopped in time for our great crew to put things together. People here seem ready for any kind of weather, so they started streaming in even during the rain.

Backstage, a little coal fire to sit around… Did I mention it was cold?(!)

I’m grabbing some photos of the audience, and am reminded again what a huge place this is. And what a crowd!

There, in the distance, is the Chateau Frontenac, the center of the old city

Backstage, a visit from the great bassist, Tal Wilkenfeld

Okay, finally things are ready, and we’re most anxious to get onstage and play some music for this hearty audience who’ve braved the weather to see us.

Sting starts things off by levitating!

If I start to get distracted by the wind, I just have to look up and be glad I’m not up there sitting in a lighting rig!

In the wings, as usual, the crew is keeping things going

And I guess it’s best from here on to let the pictures tell the story