Peter Gabriel / Sting 2016 Tour

Philadelphia Show

We call it the Philly show, but todays venue is BB&T Pavilion in Camden, NJ.

It’s rare to see most of our stunning tour trucks in a line - usually the loading bay can only handle a couple at a time, and you can imagine the complexity of loading all that gear in out every show.

Inside, our usual soundcheck, and trying out other songs we haven’t done in the show yet.

Dominic is playing bass on Fragile, and now trying out Stings acoustic upright. It’s a very cool sounding bass… they’d better keep an eye on it when the tour’s over, lest it somehow end up with my equipment!

"How cool is the bass player?"

And we continue, relentlessly, to have fun!

A close friend for many years, Larry Fast, who’s played on many of Peter’s tours and albums, came backstage to say hi.

I continue to indulge my fascination with the follow spot operators, who climb up just before the show and only come down when it’s over.

And maybe I’m not the only one watching that event.

Here we go…

On our way out, a quick glimpse of the crew that’s going to have to do some heavy lifting to get our stage and all equipment into the trucks. This show doesn’t happen without a lot of coordinated work by a lot of hard working people.

Our compliments to them… but we’re on the run, flying out tonight!

Another excellent show. On now to New York and our show at Madison Square Garden.

More soon.