Peter Gabriel / Sting 2016 Tour

Montreal Show

Nice picture, isn’t it. That’s from San Jacinto, in the show, but first, back at soundcheck…

It’s great to be back in Montreal. We’re rested, somewhat, from our day off on the 4th of July, and more than ready to play another show.

Soundcheck, as usual, just to tweak things and try out some material we might do at future shows.

Then it’s into stage clothes…

House is filling in.
Let's go...
Like that shirt!

There are a lot of production features going on – some I don’t even see myself, because they’re on screens beside or behind the stage.

At various times some of the musicians and singers wear little video cameras for those projections… Here’s violinist Peter Tickell wearing a pretty complex harness, so when he solos people can get a great view of the instrument

Amazing that he can play so well while being his own cameraman!

In the wings there are crew all over, making the show run right

With no ‘runner’ tonight after the show, I was able to get a few quick shots of the crew tearing things down. It’s really amazing how quickly and efficiently they pack it all up, and into the 9 trucks.

I should hang around and get pictures of the whole process. But… nah, I’m going back to the hotel and get some sleep - they’ll do fine without me watching!

Wonderful audience tonight, wonderful show here in Montreal.

In two days we’ll be at the Quebec Fete d’Ete - one of my favorite gigs anywhere.

More soon.