Peter Gabriel / Sting 2016 Tour

London Rehearsals

Guys at first rehearsal

(May 23) We’re back! It’s great to be back together with the Gabriel band. Of course - lots of laughs, though we have lots of work to do this week.

On the table is covering quite a bit of Peter’s music, and also some new material that might get used (yay!) And also learning a few of Sting’s songs, maybe for playing with both Peter and Sting, or maybe just Peter… not sure yet.

Let’s start by listing who’s here for the tour: Angie Pollock on keyboards & vocals, Jennie Abrahamson on vocals & flute, Linnea Olsson on cello & vocals, David Rhodes on guitar, Ged Lynch on drums.

Monitor with tour logo
Rehearsal cases
Jennie, Linnea and Angie
Jennie, Linnea and Angie
Peter singing
Sign at studio
David Rhodes
Michele Russotto, best bass tech on the planet, and a great judge of espresso too
Chris - our guitar tech
Ged's not quite sure, as Dave attempts a new management maneuver on Scott
Guys at rehearsal
PG, Angie, Dickie Chappell

After 3 days of rehearsals, Sting joined us, with his guitar player, Domenic Miller.

We’ll meet the rest of his band in a few weeks.

Sting and PG
Domenic Miller
Sting plays and sings

A great treat for me to watch Sting play bass up close. He’s great (as I knew before!)

I can’t tell you what the music will be like on the tour… well, I wouldn’t say anyway, but in fact Peter and Sting are still working on different ways to present their music. I can tell you that it’ll be very special, with some cool surprises for the audiences.

Mixing desk
Dave's birthday

(May 28) So, the first rehearsal period is finished and was quite a success… lots of cool musical ideas came out of it. For me, with new camera and new website protocol, I’ve got a lot to work on in addition to my bass parts! In a few weeks we’ll re-assemble in the U.S. for rehearsals along with Sting’s band. Should be fun, and I’ll update then with page 2 from the Rock Paper Scissors Tour.