Peter Gabriel / Sting 2016 Tour

Last Rehearsals before tour begins

Sting, Dom, DR, PT

We’ve moved on to the production part of rehearsing - lots of big gear around, lots of new people arriving. For us in the Gabriel band, it’s fun to greet some of the technicians we were touring with a year ago.

Backstage Gear

And gearing up for productions involves some things other than just rehearsing the music.

Here are some shots of various band members posing for… well, we don’t know exactly what… but it’s all fun!

David posing
Ged poses
Linnea poses
Peter poses
Vinnie posing
Dom posing
Thanks to Anna G. for snapping this shot for me. Couldn't ignore that sign!
TL with Stick and sign

More rehearsing, but onstage now… as they work out the lighting and production around us. Of course I won’t focus on any of the production elements yet - don’t want to spoil the experience for anyone.

Girls onstage
DS onstage
Peter onstage
Rahni onstage
PT, girls onstage

Perhaps I’ve given the impression that it’s all work.

That’s not the case!

Ged pushing
Ping pong
Jennie, Linnea cellphones

These pictures are from the last week or so of rehearsals. We also had time to look around Columbus a bit.

And for me that means taking some photos.


Meanwhile, back at the hotel… I don’t know what the others have been doing mornings and nights, but I’ve been signing books! My new poetry book arrived from the printer - lots of them - and it’s my plan to autograph them all, then ship out to the online store fullfillment.

So the hotel room looks like this:

Hotel room

If you’d like to check out the book, it’s being sold at my new online storefront - probably they’ll have the books by next Thursday, but you can also pre-order before that.

Back to rehearsals:

PG, DIckie, Rob
Sting, Dom, Jo
Rahni, Vinnie
DS onstage
Jo, PG
PT, camera
Sting, PT, Jo

Only a few days left before the first show of the tour.

More soon.