Peter Gabriel / Sting 2016 Tour

Edmonton Show

Here we are at the last show of the tour. Feels like it’s ending way to quickly.

First pictures, I’d like to show a little love to the great musicians I’ve been sharing the stage with on this tour.

Linnea Olsson on cello and vocals
Angie Pollock on keys and vocals
Jennie Abrahamson & Jo Lawry on vocals
Peter Tickell on violin
Dominic Miller on guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta on drums
Rhani Krija on percussion
David Sancious on keyboards
Ged Lynch & David Rhodes on drums and guitar
Backstage... Poutine Ruffles... I don't know about this!
Gaz, our production mgr
Saying goodbyes right up to going onstage
Start the show pics with one of Sting's jumps

A very special moment in the show: Peter sang the short version of “Dancing with the Moonlit Knight” for the first time on the tour. A pretty historic event, and I’ll admit to being pretty moved by this one time he did it.

Grabbed a picture, but that hardly conveys the significance. I wish all Genesis fans could have been here for this.

And, a special event for me… I got to borrow Sting’s old Fender bass for one song - appropriately, Peter’s 60’s soul version of Sting’s “If You Love Somebody”.

It’s a great bass with a special history. I was one happy camper! Thanks to Michele for grabbing the picture.

Let's end with another patented Sting jump!
On the trip home, we open a sweet gift from Sting's band

Gee, I don’t want the road diary to end… or the tour!

I think I’ll go through all the pictures I’ve taken and make up a page of my favorites.

Here it is.

so… there’s more coming!