Peter Gabriel / Sting 2016 Tour

Denver Day Off

Day off in Denver. Peter’s drummer Ged Lynch, and road mgr Dave T. and I decided to rent some motorcycles and have a ride in the countryside outside Denver.

One road lead to another… and we soon found ourselves in the mountains

Dave & Ged

Okay, my Fernet Branca jacket isn’t what bikers generally wear, but nobody minded

The sign “Icy road ahead” seemed a fair warning that things were going to get chilly.

Then, as trees got shorter and shorter, we reached snow

and a ranger station that had predicted wind chill temperature of 30 (that’s F. not C.) !!

Further up, a little lake we did NOT swim in

By this point (12,800 feet) I was having trouble focussing the camera – it seems my brain needs a bit of oxygen to function. I dubbed it ‘Lake Catchyourbreath’, though it’s real name is Summit Lake, near top of Mount Evans.

The views, of course, made it well worth the trip

A wonderful excursion, with wonderful guys.

Okay, back to work, and tomorrow’s show in Denver.