Peter Gabriel / Sting 2016 Tour

Coney Island Show

I’ve got lots of pictures from today’s show. We’re right at the beach, a Coney Island venue none of us has played before.

Vinnie is the king of cool today with his shades on


I’d call this ‘the day the cameras came out’… sure, I’ve been taking plenty of pictures on show days, and always have. But today the idea seems to have spread.

I'll have to show Peter how to be a bit more subtle about it
Yes, a bit more subtle!

A passionate discussion of crucial show elements?

or... maybe not

Backstage, some friends are here

Chris Botti
Gary Marcus

Not sure why I made that face - oh yeah, to show Gary’s wife, Athena, how bad I look when I’m not ready for the picture. So she took the picture. When Gary’s not working at neural science or writing books he’s a darn good photographer himself - I’ll include some of his show pix later

We head for stage
In the wings, waiting to go on
What was in that bag? (Well, we are at Coney Island)

The show starts. It’s still quite light outside.

Jumping is one of Sting's many talents!
As night falls, it’s time for San Jacinto

Here are some Gary Marcus pictures from the show - one of Jennie, whom I can’t shoot much because she’s way on the other side of the stage. And some of me - something I can’t shoot because I’m too close!


While we’re at it, here’s a shot Michele Rusotto took (my great bass tech) showing my old half-burnt StingRay 4.

Back to my bass player view pics:

A magical night for us onstage, and I think for the audience too.