Peter Gabriel / Sting 2016 Tour

Columbus Show

Columbus Audience

Show day today (Tuesday, June 21st) in Columbus, Ohio.

First we have soundcheck, even though we’ve been playing on this stage for days.

And there is still lots to discuss about the production.

And a lot to the production!

After all that, still plenty of time to relax, and get into our stage clothes.

At pre-show, I met up with a few of the wonderful ‘campers’… musicians who’ve attended our Summer music camp. It’s always a great treat to connect outside of the camp

Then, getting close to time to go on - the audience is just about in…

Our crew are preparing everywhere…

Camera being attached to a bass for some onstage video projection

After a few songs, Sting and Peter spoke to the audience, in a way that made the show feel pretty unique to everyone

After that… lots to see and hear for the audience. I was pretty busy (!) so didn’t get a lot of pictures taken.

Sting and Mr. Blue Shoes

Offstage before the encore, I was introduced to what seems to be a charming tradition with Sting audiences… candles appeared everywhere.

Band introductions were fun… you gotta love this!

And my attempts to photograph us all during the bows…

Not sure Domenic got the memo that you're supposed to bow toward the audience!

The show went great and was very special. Great audience, a wonderful production, great musicians all over the stage, and then there’s the brilliance of the two artists who made all this happen.

We were all buzzing as we left, and said goodbye to Columbus.

More in a few days, from our Washington DC show.