Peter Gabriel I/O Tour

London Rehearsals Pt1

So, it begins!

We’re in London for rehearsals for the I/O tour that will cover Europe, UK, Canada and USA for much of this year. There’s a lot of exciting new music, and Peter has a wealth of older material to choose from.

My trip over was one of those horrible travel messes that sometimes happen – in short, (though it wasn’t!) it took me 47 hours to get from NY to London, and instead of a day off on landing, I went right to rehearsals, minus my luggage, which had my music and pedals. OK, enough about that! I’m rested now, and the luggage arrived a mere 6 days later.

First rehearsals are just the band (i.e. no production, lights, big stage, etc.) for about a week. We’re learning the new material and some older pieces, as you’d expect.

I want to introduce you to the new band members.

On cello, piano and vocals: Ayanna Witter-Johnson

Playing violin, viola and singing, Marina Moore

On keyboards: Don McLean

Josh Shpak is playing trumpet, french horn, keys, singing, and some other horn that I haven’t asked the name of!

Those are the new band members. Returning from tours gone by, are:

Richard Evans on guitar and flute

Manu Katche on drums

The one and only David Rhodes on guitar

And, the oldest band member, in every way.. that’d be me!

Of course, there’s Peter too.. but he’s been pretty busy, so I haven’t bugged him by taking a lot of shots of him.

Manu’s daughter Lucille and my Maggie both popped in to have a listen

Oops, wrong picture of them!

A magical moment: Manu’s grandchildren seeing grandpa play the drums:

I can't resist an occasional panorama photo:

We’re not alone here, there is a wonderful crew of people helping make things work

Including my old friend, and companion for many tours, Michele Russotto

There will be a lot more crew when we move to production rehearsals on the stage. I will try to update again soon, when we move - I don’t want to spoil the surprise of what the show will look like, or the setlist … but I’m sure I can find some things that will impart the flavor of what’s going on.

It’s great to be back on tour with Peter!

More soon. t.l.

Haiku of the day:

Nothing like flying

but words you don’t want to hear

Your flight is delayed