Peter Gabriel I/O Tour

Hamburg Show

At Barclay's Arena, here in Hamburg

I’m trying to get the diary up quickly because there’s a show tomorrow too, and back to backs generally get me behind on the diary. So - a lot of pics here, and a video too.

HERE IS a little video of us going onstage for the encore: Going onstage

Back at soundcheck

and, during sound check, a few pics of the test videos they’re running on the big stage screens

What time is it?
time to go on
Laptop Land
The show

Story of the day:

My father was an artist and an engineer, although he would have listed those in the opposite order, at least until his retirement from the latter.

In the early 1950’s, from dark mahogany he sculpted a jazz bass player wrapped around and as one with his instrument. Left hand high on the thin neck of the bass, the body is twisted, it’s large back curved elegantly, mirroring the lines of the instrument and melting into it. The face is featureless - head down, one ear pressed against the bass neck, as players do to hear their notes well.

I was 8 years old when the statue appeared in our house - a few years later I would choose to play the bass, for reasons never examined. And now, many years later, I wonder about having lived with that singular work of art and about it’s quiet influence on me… I realize that in some way I am the live embodiment of that statue, hairless slim figure welded to his instrument. I wonder about the transformative aspect of art.

Back at the show
Part 2
Peter cues an ending

Chris, out on stage to fix a guitar issue, seems to not enjoy Peter’s introducing him

Haiku of the day:

We live, we create

and sometimes our work ascends

flies into a heart

More tomorrow, from Frankfurt