Peter Gabriel I/O Tour U.S. Canada

Toronto Show

Back in Toronto… I say that not because we’ve played here many times through the years, but it’s where I met Peter, back in 1976, to record his first solo album. 47 years and we’re still playing Solsbury Hill - (hopefully getting it right by now!)

An interesting sight: after we left our hotel to go to soundcheck at the venue, I saw this man running down the street, carrying a Peter Gabriel album… our guess was that he was trying to catch the car Peter was in. And with Toronto traffic, he probably did.

At the venue
Backstage, I call this "Crisps and Runner Bags"
Met up with some friends, including Gowan, who's better dressed for this show than I am!

(We remember when he sat in with Tony Levin band in Toronto, singing Solsbury Hill!)

a peek around the curtain
Show starts with us around a campfire
and, overhead...

Then, as we move to our stations onstage, David keeps strumming his guitar riff, and I find myself wondering if any other bands are beset with orange ghosts between their songs.

Very cool audience
There's this:
and this,
and a different kind of weirdness on Road to Joy

I caught a video of that special moment, going onstage for the encore. Here’s a link to it up on my YouTube channel.

Another priceless night for us in the band.

Now a day off, then our next show in Montreal.

More soon