Peter Gabriel I/O Tour U.S. Canada

Quebec Show

Thrilled to be opening the Canada / USA tour here in Quebec, a city with a lot of wonderful memories.

Just as many cases as in the Spring tour

And those wonderful minutes before you go onstage, when the anticipation is in the air and the audience energy is palpable.

Here we go

That odd minute when we leave the ‘campfire’, move to our various places around the stage, and the crew rushes in, subtly dressed in orange jump suits(!) to clear away the campfire and benches. Might not be a real part of the show, but it’s when I have a minute to pick up my camera!

The start of Road to Joy, when Don-e wears his incredible glasses

Happy to be sharing my attempts at audience pictures - and as usual a reminder to those who were there that clicking on any photo gets you to a larger version.

I’m trying out some new photo gear, and there will be errors while I figure it out. This was meant to be a video of the great energy as we came back onstage for the encore, In Your Eyes. Oops, it’s not a video, and it’s blurred. Well, it still gives you a sense of the moment.

A magical night in Quebec City, and surely one of the best shows we’ve done.