Peter Gabriel I/O Tour U.S. Canada

Boston Show

Back in my home town, and playing at the TD Garden.

Backstage, in front of the greeting banner, here’s Richard Sharratt, our great front of house engineer

Not sure about the orange and the red… But good to be at the Gah-den.

The band arrived to find an unusual situation - the trucks had been delayed, so instead of the built stage, ready for soundcheck, we found the crew piecing things together - something I never get to see.

I hadn’t known before that the overhead rig is constructed each day separately from the stage, and then they’re joined together. It was pretty interesting seeing that process, though it made our soundcheck very late.

Do I look worried? No.
Finally, soundcheck

Backstage beforeshow, a visit with Ned Steinberger, the renowned inventor of both the Steinberger bass that changed instrument designs forever, and the NS Electric Upright, which I play in this show. We enjoy recalling his very first instrument, and my being his first customer, as I bought it and played it on tour with Peter - long ago.

Soon, though, that exciting minute when we gather at sides of the stage, ready to go on

Does Michele look worried? No.
We're in good hands.
And Peter starts it off

Here’s a shot with me in it… taken by Dr. Rich Atkins

And, coincidence, the great rock photographer Armando Gallo just sent me a photo, playing in Peter’s show, but way way back in ‘77 at the Roxy. Well, things have changed a lot… I don’t wear suspenders now. (And I’ve grown a moustache!)

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Kind of emotional headed back onstage for the encore. This show is special on many levels, and to be part of it, and back where I was born, is special to me.