King Crimson 2021 US Tour

Tampa Rehearsals 2

We’re working hard at the large catalogue of Crimson material. Only a few days left and then shows will start.

I thought I’d share some photos from our rehearsal days, and also introduce the folks on the tour.

Jakko Jakszyk
Mel Collins
Robert Fripp
Pat Mastelotto
Gavin Harrison
Jeremy Stacey

Haiku of the day:

Rock band playing hard

golden flute rises to lips

and the beast is calmed

One of the things that makes rehearsals so necessary for us is the complexity of the music. There’s one piece, for example, named Elektrik, where I’d long ago made charts of the great part Trey Gunn had played on the original. Needed to write out every note to grasp and practice it. But the chart was much too long, so as I learned it, I would substitute section names, like “Ratata” or “Offset answers”. Well, months ago, when I sat down to practice it at home, I realized I didn’t remember what those section names meant, and I’d lost most of the original written out parts… but I did have many mid-way charts. Just for fun, I took a picture at home of most of the pages I’ve come up with for that one piece.

My trusty Nord Lead… I think some of those lyrics taped on go back to Peter Gabriel tours in the 80’s!

And, some of the very important people on the tour:


SatNav (Dave)

Well, I’d say that’s a fair bit of graphics from the rehearsals! Not pictured yet were Michele, who’s visa we’re waiting on, and the bus and truck drivers, whom I haven’t met yet.

Soon we’ll have our warm up show, and the first public show of this year’s tour - the first since 2019 for us!

more soon.