King Crimson 2021 US Tour

Tampa Rehearsals

Finally! We’ve assembled here in Tampa, got our equipment in from England, and most of the crew(!) - so it’s time to get solid with the music we haven’t played together in 18 months.

You may notice a new camera I’ll be using some, to give a different, slightly bizarre, view of things going on.

Lots is different from when we last toured in 2019 - lots is the same. Some pictures:

Extended fists celebrate that we are, indeed, under way.

Some crimson options for what bass I’ll be using.

Haiku of the day: (Because… well, because.)

On the road again

unused resources are stretched

body remembers

I have lots more photos, but not so much time to upload them, so will have more updates soon, from Crimson Rehearsals here in Tampa.