King Crimson 2021 US Tour

St. Augustine Show

In St. Augustine, FL for another outdoor show. And, yes, it’s mighty hot, and again a sizeable rainstorm in the afternoon.

Backstage, some new things for us to sign.

I'm betting Robert will use that photo for his road diary.
Setlist for tonight. Hard to read? I'll get it again later

Backstage, our incomparable tour mgr, Dave Salt

And, a few words about our opening act on this tour leg, the California Guitar Trio. I met them back in the 90’s when they opened for over 100 King Crimson shows. After that, I’ve had the opportunity to tour as a guest with them many times, so we’re pretty tight.

Because of covid restrictions, Hideyo couldn’t do this tour, and, as I’ve mentioned before, Chapman Stick player Tom Griesgraber is joining in. Good chance for us to nightly share notes on Stick techniques.

Soon enough, it’s us congregated at the stage entrance

You can click on any picture to see a larger version of it.

About that setlist, when we play the song Moonchild, it’s often followed by short improvs by me, Robert and then Jeremy. This show we’re running with a curfew, so it’s been shortened to just my ‘cadenza’… but the way it reads, “TONY CADENZA”, it seems to refer to some new guy in the band! (Yo, it’s me, Tony Cadenza.) And I fear that the name will follow me through the rest of the tour.

(Later, Moonchild was also dropped from the set, and we finished exactly at 10:30, as requested.)

Once again, doing the hokey pokey!

And a brief visit backstage during short intermission – the venue provided blue lighting then, I guess because they thought we’d like it.

The show, another very good one, ended without a rainstorm, happy to say.

Tonight aftershow we’ll travel a short bit to Orlando, where we’ll enjoy a day off before our show there.

More soon.