King Crimson 2021 US Tour

New York show

Great to be back in New York, and to be back at the Beacon Theater, where we did two nights on the 2017 Radical Action tour.

Only three shows left on this U.S. tour

In our shows at big outdoor venues we have the two bands on rolling risers, so when the Zappa Band are done, the crew wheels their gear right off, and ours on, and the turnover is simple. Not so in theaters, and tonight I had a chance to watch some of the operation as the crew moves off one set of gear and pushes forward the other.

Ready to go on, and we’ve been in this room before.

Oops, hadn't noticed that sign about no photos!
If looking for yourself, you'll want to click on it for larger version

Aftershow we’ll bus just a few hours to Boston, for tomorrow’s concert there.

More soon.