King Crimson 2021 US Tour

Ft. Worth Show

Long overnight bus drive from Nashville to Ft. Worth Texas, where we had something of a day off.

I’ve got a good friend in the Dallas area, whom I don’t often get to see. Andy Moore was my bass tech on Crimson and Gabriel tours throughout the 80’s. He’s the one who painted my bass the yellow “3 of a Perfect Pair” logo while we were on tour. (Did it with spray paint in his hotel room, but that’s a long story!)

Andy’s also the one who made the first Funk Fingers for me - in fact it was his idea to use stretch velcro to attach them to fingers. (I always thought a good band name would be “Stretch Velcro and the Funk Fingers”)

We dug out a photo from 1985 and kind of reproduced it today - 36 years later.

I’ve lost track of that pink Music Man 4 string.

Tonight’s show is at Ft. Worth’s Will Rogers Memorial Auditorium

Backstage, we'll be sharing a dressing room today

Here we are in our before show “That fruit looks very good” pose

I call this photo, “Rock band trying to make fruit levitate”

Having failed at that, let's go play a great show!
Yay! Another very good show.
The pack.

And tomorrow will bring a show in Austin.

More soon.