King Crimson 2021 US Tour

Clearwater FL Show

Re the above photo, who says we haven’t been recording? Here backstage at the Clearwater venue, we’re recording a new introduction to the show. Okay, it’s just voices, I’ll admit… asking the audience not to take photos, and to have a good time!

I last played here at the Ruth Eckerd Hall, back in 2007, with Todd Rundgren, opening for Heart. (Okay, the fanboy in me can’t resist sharing a pic from then…)

That was a fun night, and so was two nights ago, when King Crimson did it’s warmup show here, for an invited audience. There were some technical issues, but it felt great to be underway, and we’re back here today for the first public show of the tour, with the California Guitar Trio as the opening act.

Some sights around the backstage:

Oops, I got caught by my own camera, with the sneaky help of Dave Salt, our tour mgr.

And though that was a warm up show, for a small group of friends and family, it still warranted fists raised afterward.

One crazy shot by me, the other, again by Dave with my Nikon (thank goodness!)

Visiting the dressing room of my friends the California Guitar Trio – this time with guest Stick player Tom Greisgraber. Lucky for me, since Tom’s not only a great player, but is very good at adjusting the action on the instrument. (Me, less so!)

He quickly sized mine up…

Dressed up and ready to go

You may notice, in the background, the Crimson poster with ‘sold out’ sticker on it. Actually, I had ‘borrowed’ that sticker from the REO Speedwagon poster next to it… they’d played here last night, and I’m sure my friends in the band wouldn’t mind.

It turned out our ticket sales were very good - but anyway I felt it made the picture work better!

And Gavin put the sticker to even better use.

As always, mirrors help me show who the bass player is on the tour.

On the menu for tonight:
Ok, it's time.
And... two hours later, after playing;

And, there’s this part about ‘after the show’

Usually after playing, the band is greeting friends backstage - but this tour is different in many ways - no hospitality backstage, only band and crew, and because we’re travelling by bus, instead of taking vans to a hotel, we’ll be hanging out (for me, working on the road diary) until the busses leave for the next city.

Speaking of which, tomorrow will be a show in Delray Beach, FL - our first outdoor concert. Don’t think it’ll be warm, do you? I may forego the suit jacket!

This was a really good, and fun show for us. Great way to kick off the tour. More road diaries soon.