King Crimson 2021 Tour part2 - Japan

Osaka Show1

Another train trip, and we’re in Osaka to play at the large Festival Hall, where we’ve played in 2015, and back in 1995 on the Thraak tour.

It’s a lovely place, and we’re happy to be playing here for two nights.

Our new crew member, Claudia, has ghosted my first try… there seem to increasingly be ghosts present on this tour. More on that at a later time.

You can click on the pic to enlarge the setlist

Soundcheck over, and before the show there will be the ritual of removing the signs, which I’ve endeavored to catch with my camera. Got it tonight.

If you’re going to do something, best to do it really well. Jason and Paul are charged with, 5 minutes before showtime, taking offstage the two large signs that remind the audience, in Japanese and English, not to take photos during the show.

So, they’ve begun bowing, first to each other, then to the audience, then removing the signs.

And the audience enjoys it, as you can see.
Backstage, about to go on...
Here we go
After the music...

Okay, tomorrow no train trip, we’ll be right back here for a second Osaka show.

Paper curtains closed

the light softly diffuses

small japanese room