King Crimson 2019 Europe Tour

Leipzig Warmup

With our first show coming up here in Leipzig, Germany, we’ve assembled early, loaded our gear into the hall we’ll be playing in, and had a few days rehearsal, to be followed by a small ‘friends & family’ show.

Some random photos from through the week,

Midweek we realized that some of the reason the hall was so ringy was that we were set up too far forward. So, a major move, to pull our risers and gear back.

My Nord synth is making a re-appearance... used to use it with the band back in the 80's

and it’s still got some lyrics hanging on from Peter Gabriel tours long ago. I think that’s Shock the Monkey in German.(Oops, it’s “Not One of Us”.) Hey, why take them off!

I think I’m going to leave this page with the pictures it has, and will soon add another with some more rehearsal pictures, and the warmup show.

More soon.