King Crimson 2019 Americas Tour

Montreal Show

Great to be back in Montreal.

B’fast with my pal Kevin Parent… I seem to be saying ‘you call that a camera?’

And met up with Pat and Denis Rodier, our artist friend who’s created all the great artwork for the TOAPP Camps.

Then at Theatre St-Denis, (no relation to our friend Denis!) where we’d played in 2015, and in 1995.

From my riser behind the drums, I often forget how colorful the drum kits are

backstage we have work to do!

This venue has very good sound, and it was one of our best shows.

A wonderful time here. Tomorrow I’ll travel separately from the band - I picked up my car, and will be driving this segment of the tour. Will head down through Vermont and hope to get some good photos there on the way to Boston.

More soon.