King Crimson 2019 Americas Tour

Guadalajara 2 shows

I was last in Guadalajara 10 years ago, to play a show with Peter Gabriel. Good to be back, and Crimson is playing in a lovely theater called Teatro Diana.

Let me say that, from my hotel view, there’s little doubt where I am!

Soundcheck, as usual, gives us time to try some material that needs work.

and, for Biff and me to take photos!
Backstage, tonight's menu...
and plenty going on...
Pat, I don't think that's the way to break that hold is by taking a selfie!
Sometimes it seems like we have a very large production team

Some afro-cuban music going on with Gavin on the water cooler

During the show I left my camera offstage and someone took a picture with it… I don’t know who!

Great show for us, great audience.

But the next day, we’re back with more soundchecking, more rehearsing…

Always more to tweak
I have to stop leaving my camera laying around - people pick it up!
A new concept: Manager on a hard drive.
Cymbolic band leader

The first set went a bit shorter than usual, so we decided at intermission to add a song to the second set. New setlists printed up…

and studied attentively.

Amazing how three drummers who play together as tightly as possible can’t manage to take a bow together!

Robert's taking pictures as much as I am

It was a wonderful two night stand here in Guadalajara. Hope it’s not too long til we return.