King Crimson 2018 Uncertain Times Tour

Vienna Show2

Second show in Vienna, so we’re pretty set on what to do.

Though there are always things to improve.

When it’s the last show in a theater, some advance packing helps with the load out. So, Jason can usually be found in the dressing room, dismantling the practice instruments.

Our setlist for tonight

And pre-show fists

Now at intermission, As usual, a lot of attention is paid to the setlist

In the first set, I hadn’t paid enough attention to a setlist change discussed backstage, and found that there’s a big difference between playing Radical Part2 with the rest of the band, and steaming in instead with Radical Part2!

A low E is, well, sort of close to a low C… or anyway, you could get further away. But then, without my notes in front of me (or with the notes of the wrong piece) I can’t say I actually played the piece… more like I flirted with it.

I believe my words, coming offstage, were, “I forgive all seven of you for playing the wrong song.”

Here we go for set two

A very enjoyable stay here in Vienna, and the shows are all exciting for us (hopefully for the audiences too.)

Off to Prague tomorrow. More soon.