King Crimson 2018 Uncertain Times Tour


Arriving in Venice is not like other cities. You park by the water,

and move your things to a water taxi.

Easy enough for the band and crew, but getting all our equipment to the theater by boat will be really interesting.

For me, as soon as we arrive, a trip to Piazza San Marco for some photos.

Night time finds me still there.

And, a glorius sky to accompany our visit here - it’s a full moon that will be eclipsed tomorrow, presenting a blood moon, alas, during our show.

And Mars is at it’s closest point to earth, so I can even see it in my photos.

Late night, when most of the tourists have left, the views are very special.

We’ve all seen this vista before – I guess artists have been painting it for hundreds of years.

Here's one...

(But mine has Mars hovering in the center!)

Next day, the short walk to the venue presents sights like this:

We’re playing at Teatro la Fenice – named the Pheonix because it’s burnt down a number of times and been rebuilt – rising figuratively from the ashes.

I take the wrong entrance, jump in an elevator and find myself in the top tiers of the theater… what a view!

Okay, not ready with my other pictures yet - I’ll continue the Venice diary with another page.