King Crimson 2018 Uncertain Times Tour

Poznan Rehearsals

We’re here in Poland to start our Summer tour;”King Crimson Uncertain Times European Tour 2018”

As usual, we’ve planned on a few days rehearsing, to tighten things up. Here in Poznan, we’ve rented a theater for the rehearsals, and we’ll do a warmup show in the same venue before moving to a different theater for the two public shows.

As usual, we got things started by circling to raise fists(!)

Not always so serious here…

And we’re very happy to have all our crew from last year back with us.

Bill's concentrating on that keyboard... I can see it in his eyes!
Our production room for the week
No shortage of t-shirts this time around!

Okay, I think we’re ready for the Tuesday show. It’ll be what’s sometimes called a warmup show, but we call it ‘friends & family’ show, and invite some people. Yes, we’ll know the audience, but still, doing a full show before the public one helps get us in the groove for the tour.

And, oh yes, I’m now augmenting the tour diary a bit, on my Instagram account @tonylevin

More soon.