King Crimson 2018 Uncertain Times Tour

Lucca Show

The beautiful city of Lucca - a pleasure to be here again.

We’ll play in the central square, Piazza Napoleone. I’ve played it before - a wonderful spot to be in, and a huge stage.

It's very hot and humid, so we're happy to soundcheck as quickly as we can.
I caught Jason, on a rare pause midst running around all day getting the stage right.

Dressing rooms here are in the large buildings behind the stage. They have a really nice square of their own, and we’re walking across it to get to the show

This has to be the most secure backstage door anywhere! Are those spikes on it?

Out in the piazza, behind the stage, we're again amazed how big the structure is.
Going on...
and at intermission, we're back in the dressing rooms...
and again heading to the stage.
And here's the audience:
A really large audience tonight, surely our biggest of the tour. I can't get the width of it into one photo.

Good fun! We’re also relieved we survived the heat and humidity.

Tomorrow it’s on to Venice.

More soon.