King Crimson 2018 Meltdown Tour

Kanazawa Show

We’re on the move!

Our first bullet train trip of the tour - from Sendai to Kanazawa (two trains, actually)

Really this road diary entry should be a few separate pages - after arriving in Kanazawa…

… we had the next day completely free.

I headed for the castle and gardens to take pictures. It was as lovely as advertised. I let the large sights go, and found some nice little nooks.

In the evening I met with some long time friends who live here, and they gave me a gift, made by the Stick playing artist, Ussey.

It’s a mask, and a pretty distinctive one, to be sure! - I went right to my room and took a picture in the mirror:

(Notice the bass clef!)

On to our show at the Hondano Mori Hall. It’s King Crimson’s first time in Kanazawa, so we don’t expect a full house tonight (hopefully next time, though!)

It was no surprise that my new mask was quite a hit backstage. Dave took my camera right away to get some a shot of me with it.

Otherwise things were pretty normal, preparing for the show.

And, at intermission...

An excellent show. King Crimson’s first time in Kanazawa.

Here’s the audience:

Whew, that was a considerable road diary update… trains, gardens, and a show.

I want to mention that my Kanazawa friends have for years been translating my web page to Japanese. If you’re interested in following that, the link is: Here

Okay, tomorrow another train trip, and then two shows in Osaka. More soon.