King Crimson 2018 Meltdown Tour

Birmingham Show

In Birmingham for our show. Usually I get pictures of the center of town area, which is really pretty… but totally under construction on this trip, so I’ll move on to the venue shots.

(Symphony Hall is quite spectacular looking on it’s own.)

Here’s a little feature for the upcoming diaries: back in ’96 I kept a road diary of Crimson’s activities, including some quotes of the day, mostly from reviews of the band. They’re worth revisiting, so I’ll call them Quotes from Another Century.

Here’s today’s:

Aug 30, 1996: “Since re-forming in 1994, we’ve played 147 shows, for about 228,300 people. We’ve rehearsed for 57 days, recorded for 25 days, flown at least 34,581 miles, and driven 9,327 miles.”

Quote of the day: From the Austin American Statesman, Sept 28, 1996: “6 bad things of the week: “#4 ‘The Stick.’ This new basslike instrument looks like something a band in the Flintstones would play.”

Backstage... work to do.
Somebody's got a new suit.

AHA!! Caught red handed stealing drums from the elevator… how could a band rehearse in there without the drums!

You can run, Jason, but you can’t hide… we have lots more drum kits we can put in there.

We'll just use that elevator, now that it's empty.
Living the Dream!
Dave, our tour mgr, is there to grab a better shot.
Here's Toby, who's often seen in these shots, because he's filming a video of our tour.
It was a great show. One of those where, for reasons we don't understand, things go better than usual.

More soon, from tomorrow’s concert in Nottingham.