King Crimson 2017 Tour pt2

Washington Shows

Two shows here in Washington DC.

Let's start this update with pictures of the folks on tour I hadn't caught yet... in the production office. Here's Dave
And, out on stage at soundcheck... when I spot John taking my picture, it's a safe bet it'll appear in Robert's diary.
Jeremy has the misfortune of sharing this small dressing room with a photgrapher.
Dave grabs a couple of photos with my camera
And, what is it we find ourselves staring at before going onstage??
A video feed of... the empty stage.
Let's go - that stage needs us!
And here's the audience, night one. (Click for larger.)
Saturday, we're back for 2nd soundcheck and show.
Hey, a Papa Bear t-shirt!
and, as the guys pack up....

we’re very happy about another two special shows. The early ones were really good, to be sure, but with more repetitions, there are less worries about the material we’re just tackling on this tour.

More to come soon, with upcoming shows in Newark, Philadelphia, Boston, Albany, New York, and more.