King Crimson 2017 Tour pt2

Raleigh Show

I haven’t been to Raleigh many times, so it’s a pleasure to be here, and in a lovely venue, the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium, with a less than lovely official name, the Duke Energy Center.

Well, we'll bring some energy here tonight.
Love the chandeliers.

And the view from the venue isn’t bad.

At soundcheck, I’m still trying to catch pictures of our backline crew, who are crucial to the show, but often lurk in the dark recesses of the stage where I can’t get a photo!

Here are John and Biff
Dave, whom we call SatNav, for reasons I don't understand.
My dear friend Michele, who's been helping me since 1992, when I met him in Italy.
On Crimson tours he looks after Pat's drums too, and we do keep him busy!
Out in the lobby, where I rarely get, Adrian is in charge of our merch.
Hmm... that's the largest blowup of a photo of mine that I've seen. I should come out here more often!
Robert checks how things are sounding in the house.
Tonight's setlist:
Behind the scenes,
I find Jason working hard on my website.... or something!
Setlists are everywhere.
Thanks to our tour mgr, Dave Salt, for grabbing a picture that included me.
(You can click on these for larger images)

Good fun tonight, and nice to see such a large crowd coming out for our rare appearance in Raleigh.

More soon, from two upcoming shows in Washington DC.