King Crimson 2017 Tour pt2

Philadelphia Shows

Two shows here in Philadelphia’s Merrium Theater.

At soundcheck, we see a considerable setlist.

(Turned out, due to curfew, we had to omit Schizoid Man at the end.)

Here's something new and radical... tonight I'm trying a wider tie!
Mel adds a nice bit of color to our onstage presence.
Great t-shirt!

Very cool show.

Day two, we’re right back soundchecking.

And, wow, what a setlist. Segments from different band eras… I can’t remember doing that to this extent.

Despite the 24 compositions listed, we found a little time left at the end, so went back on for a 2nd encore - quite rare in this band - and played Larks Tongues Pt2.

Jeremy demonstrates how to throw a proper right hook to the jaw...
Hey, there's a penny on the floor. I saw it first!
A black gauze at back of the stage allowed me to get a photo before going on.
In celebration we raise fists and bananas.
And, increasingly, I'm enjoying watching a bit of the crew's teardown and loadout.

More soon, from our upcoming show at Boston’s Orpheum Theater.