King Crimson 2017 Tour pt2

New York Shows

Great to be here at the Beacon Theater, in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

A lot of rock history in this theater
Oops... I'd better get the right 2nd set list on my stand or I'll be playing the wrong songs tonight.
Two shows in two nights, so we'll get to do a lot of our material.
Thanks to Dave Salt for this picture of our pre-show 'fists', about to go on.

Wonderful show for us.

Day two in New York is not as forboding as I make it look in photos.

I’ve noticed, in the room off the stage, there’s a collection of artists who have played here, all taken in the graffiti filled elevator that goes up to the dressing rooms.

I tried to get the same shots,

but somehow...
not the same.
Oh well, here we go.
Looking for yourself? Click on any picture to go to a bigger version of it.
The backstage monitor shows the crew packing and audience leaving.
And for me, a late night visit, with my wife and friends to the Russian Samovar restaurant we visited often when we lived here... and a pepper vodka to toast these wonderful New York shows.