King Crimson 2017 Tour pt2

Milwaukee show

Tonight is the last show of this tour leg, and I guess technically it’s the last show of our Radical Action Tour because next year’s touring will be called Uncertain Times.

As you’d expect (or at least hope!) we’re playing the material pretty well by now. Still have some interesting surprises each night, from various parts of the stage… and let me say, that is part of the fun.

Here’s another view of the venue.

It's the Riverside Theatre - quite nice.
Lately Robert is taking as many pictures as I am.

I see we’re going to be very well taken care of at this venue… a menu of our catering dinner is the first clue.

And, for after the show, there are Crimson cookies,

and a cake.
It's always interesting in the production office.
Lots of organizing to do today. Michele has packed up some bottles that I'll be sending home in my bass trunk.
Our good friend Bill Rieflin, who couldn't do this tour, has flown in to be with us for this last show.
An excellent end to the tour. After the show, the elevator up to the band rooms is a bit crowded...

But anyway I’ve been meaning to finally get a picture of Marc Hinds, our truck driver for the tour. Here he is with his rig:

Back upstairs, Robert's preparing a toast.

And lets make the last one to you, the listeners, who’ve come out to hear our music, and made the tour a success.

A last minute photo addition; Gavin Harrison sent me this picture he took backstage, and it seemed right to include it, as there aren’t many pictures of me at work.

To some it may appear that I’m sleeping… but under the hat I am meticulously preparing for the show by imagining, backwards, all the bass notes of ConstruKCtion of Light.

So, that’s the end of Crimson’s touring for this year.

But the 2018 tour is being booked. Tour dates can be found on DGM’s website

And, I’ve put together a page of some of my favorite pictures from this tour - here’s the Gallery page

More tour diaries coming up, with tours I’ll be doing in Jan, Feb. and March. Hope to see you soon.