King Crimson 2017 Tour pt2

Greensburg/Pittsburgh Show

We’re playing at the Palace Theatre in Greensburg, PA. It’s near Pittsburgh, so I’ve titled the road diary page ‘Greensburg/Pittsburgh’.

Lovely theater.

Lest you think we spend all our time at venues, here’s a snapshot of the touring group waiting for luggage at an airport… something we do lots of.

Back at soundcheck.
And backstage is always interesting.
Your photographer:
A rare backstage configuration... we can see right onto the stage we'll enter soon.

And, just like that, we’ve played our three hour show!

Good fun tonight. Next we go to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Winding down on the tour leg now, with, let’s see, only 3 more shows. I’ll be sad to see the tour end (though, yes, very glad to have some time at home.)

More soon from Michigan.