King Crimson 2017 Tour pt2

Boston Show

Great to be in Boston again.
This is kind of a history day for me. We're playing at the historic Orpheum Theater...
(No, Fatty Arbuckle isn't the opening act, that's a vintage picture I found) Here's the venue today:
And nearby, a street I haven't visited since I left there at 2 years of age...

It’s in the very fashionable Beacon Hill area, but was far from that when my family lived there. Oldest picture I could find of Pinkney St. is from about 6 years after I moved…

Okay, enough of my past… here’s where we’re playing tonight, and it’s quite lovely inside.

In case I forgot - it's soundcheck time.
In uncharacteristic Crimson fashion, this setlist was to change a few times before the show.
Backstage.. oops, wrong room. Wow, I wonder if this was Lon Chaney's dressing room? (and it's up on "Level 5"!)

I don’t think we were supposed to even see that room… the other floors are of course rennovated, and though cozy, they’re quite nice.

Set’s changed a bit now… and in the end we substituded “Heroes” for “Peace”

Headed downstairs to go on
I hand the camera to our exemplary tour mgr, Dave, and he immediatly catches a shot.

Inspiring, aren’t they.

A reminder, you can click on pictures to get a larger size version (and myabe find yourself.)

Had a great time. Wonderful show, and afterwards a lot of friends and family to spend a few minutes with backstage.

Tomorrow the band travels to Albany for our next shows, but for me it’s a chance to run home, since I’m driving on this part of the tour, and live only an hour from Albany. What I’ll do at home tomorrow is… well, collate these Boston photos and put together the web diary you’re just reading.

But at home!

More soon.